The Ignatz Bubis Community Centre is the heart of our community life

The building in Savignystrasse has been the heart of our Jewish Community in Frankfurt since 1986, not least because of the many events that take place there.

The heart of the Jewish Community in Frankfurt is located in Savignystraße 66, in the Westend area of the city, where the new Community Centre was inaugurated on 14 September 1986. It was built on the initiative of Ignatz Bubis s.A. (1927-1999), the long-standing Chief Executive of the Jewish Community, and is named in his honour.

The leitmotif of the new Community Centre was inspired by Dr. Salomon Korn, the current Executive Director of the Jewish Community in Frankfurt, who said at the opening ceremony, “When someone builds a home, it means they want to stay.” He developed the concept and design with Gerhard Balser Architects to include structural elements replete with symbolism, such as the broken central pillar of the building, the pointed, angular shapes based on the forms of the Star of David, and the seven-armed candelabra implied in the glass façade. They unmistakably call to mind the civilisational rupture in German-Jewish history – yet they also symbolise hope in the Jewish tradition and create an atmosphere that elevates feast days above the realms of the everyday.

The Community Centre accommodates not only the administration offices but also a kindergarten, crèche, I. E. Lichtigfeld School reception class, children’s daycare centre, Youth Centre, Seniors Club, Community Congregation Hall and Sohar’s Restaurant. The lobby is flooded with light, and with the large Festival Hall, the Community Centre is a popular and much-used venue for events, such as family or community celebrations, the annual WIZO bazaar, numerous cultural events and large receptions.


Ignatz Bubis-Gemeindezentrum
Savignystraße 66
60325 Frankfurt am Main