Jewish Community’s Centre for the Elderly: peaceful neighbourhood nearby the city centre

Anyone who is no longer willing or able to take care of everyday life themselves can enjoy the comfort of the Jewish Community Centre for the Elderly. They can also observe Jewish holidays in company.

The Jewish Community’s Centre for the Elderly is a safe, secure place to live, with qualified care for those who need it. Besides long-term residential options, we offer short-term care, places for younger people with special needs and daytime-only care. We are also in the process of setting up a separate area for young people with special needs with its own therapy room and lounge.

Accommodation is in single rooms with their own shower and WC, and full disabled access. On request, we can also provide apartments for married couples.

The residential home is divided into zones for a friendly, intimate atmosphere. Residents are organised into small groups with 13 people each and receive personal, professional care and support.

The Centre for the Elderly offers a total of 174 places for full residential care, short-term care or daycare-only. Adjoining it is an assisted-living block.

Most residents are members of Jewish communities. Like the staff who work there, they come from various countries and speak several languages. The most common are German, Russian, Polish and Hebrew. However, the home also welcomes non-Jewish residents who appreciate the high standard of care and support provided.

This facility is operated by the Jewish Community in Frankfurt.

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